We truly appreciate all the feedback we are collecting from our users. Therefore we are happy to elaborate on the improvements we’ve made to Mila as a consequence of the feedback. Let’s go:

MailChimp groups: On popular request, it’s now possible to sort your contacts all the way to your MailChimp groups. You can get really specific with your sorting skills.



Mila’s sorting power: With the new improvements live, you can sort even more contacts, right from the ‘new contacts’ overview. Endlessly swiping through your contacts to keep your network organized. Gotta love it.



Mobile perfection: Mila just became much more responsive on mobile devices. Going through your network while riding the bus has never been more comfortable!



We are very much looking forward to your feedback on these improvements. Do you want to get acquainted with the new Mila? No problem. Just log in.