About us

Mila is here to take care of your contacts, so you can get to business

Mila is here to help entrepreneurs and freelancers keep in touch with their network.

Mila is a bot that takes away the work out of contact management. It’s as simple as that.

Mila automatically keeps track of your new contacts and sorts them into lists or to the tools you use for sales and marketing.

Who’s behind Mila?

The idea for Mila originated at The Next Web, when we realized that over the year, we’ve build a tremendous network of interesting people.

But the way we currently keep in touch with this network is very out-dated. Basically, 80% of our contacts go to waste in our inboxes. It’s a lot of work to add everyone to the newsletter, keep a list of long term prospects, or even share a list of freelancers among colleagues. It’s unsorted and unconnected from our marketing and sales efforts.

Even though our network is the lifeline for doing business, our ‘contact management’ system is a sloppy inbox.

Entrepreneurial people should not be held back by the tedious, repetitive task of copying and pasting contact information or updating email lists – they should focus on what they are good at: building and sharing their passions. That’s why Mila is here.

Mila is a clever bot that organizes your contacts for you, so you can take care of business.

In a world of growing entrepreneurship, ‘networking’ is not just about growing your LinkedIn list and shaking as many hands as possible. Today, more than ever, doing business is about working with people you like to work with and building real relationships with them.

That’s why we’ve reimagined contact management from the ground up. In essence, networking is a broad range of activities that you keep you connected with the various people you come in contact with. And Mila is the flexible assistant that helps you do just that.


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Our business values

Building a relationship takes time. Which is why you can try Mila for free to get to know if it helps you build your business. In addition, we want you to know that you can count on it that we challenge ourselves against the following core values:

Mila is organized
Mila likes to structure, automate and simplify the tedious repetitive tasks of contacts management. Its only objective is to take your mind off of anything related to keeping track of contacts, syncing information, and connecting tools. Mila loves a well-organized overview with clever insights.

Mila is flexible
Whether you just want to group your contacts, create lists or sync contacts to your newsletter, or any other sales tool, Mila has got you covered. Even when you’re ready for a full blown CRM, Mila’s there to keep you from any vendor lock-in.

Mila is intelligent and secure
There’s AI in Mila for a reason. As Mila grows, it’ll become more intelligent in helping you see and use the value of your network. This starts with just checking if you’re about to remove a big shot from your sales pipeline, but will grow over time into intelligent grouping of your most promising contacts. Working with all this data requires strong work ethics regarding privacy and security. Which is why Mila lives by a very clear set of privacy and security guidelines.