6 Technologies to apply in Marketing

Marketing has become a discipline that is associated with new technologies, since currently, promoting goods, services or companies is not limited to the physical spaces in which advertisements can be placed, but now, in order to that the offers are widely known, it is required to use all possible virtual means, for this reason, today we will show you six applicable technologies in Marketing.


  1. Mobile Applications: The proliferation of smartphones has meant that mobile software can be used in digital marketing, however, the grace of an App in this aspect is to be able to integrate something associated with the business but favorable to the consumer, such as , the monitoring of vital signs in the application of a pharmacy.


  1. QR codes with product information: Currently, customers want companies to be close to them and for their promotional content to be based on benefits and not on sales information, therefore, some establishments, such as supermarkets , put QR codes near their products so that people, by scanning them, can find out about their properties and benefits, thus encouraging their purchase.


  1. Positioning in GPS search: More and more people use satellite positioning services, such as Google Maps to guide themselves, especially when they are tourists, in that sense, many brands seek to position themselves on these sites in order to appear as suggestions when searching keywords, many breast surgery Tijuana employ this technology as a form of marketing to attract medical tourists.


  1. Commerce in virtual reality: VR-Commerce is an alternative version of electronic commerce where the user can observe, through virtual reality glasses, a branch of the store that he wants to go to in order to learn more about the products without going to her directly, this technological innovation is used above all to encourage online sales.


  1. Augmented reality: In addition to virtual reality, there are means for people to interact with companies in a closer way, such is the case of Augmented Reality, in which it is possible to see the results of some procedures before clinics Hollywood Smile Mexico use it so that patients can see how their teeth will look after undergoing this treatment.
  2. Digital fitting rooms: Continuing with augmented reality, many fashion companies have opted for the use of 3D mirrors, also called virtual changing rooms, in which a person can look at themselves as if they were in a mirror and the device recognizes them, showing them as would wear the clothes offered by the store without having to put them on, including the sizes.

There are quite a few technological inventions that can be used in marketing, all of them bring benefits when it comes to capturing the attention of the public and encouraging the purchase of the products that the company offers. Are you ready to start digitizing the marketing sector of your company?