Why does every business need good publicity?

The concept of advertising encompasses a large number of both creative and technological practices that are aimed at promoting a company or the consumption of the products it offers. It is an effective way to attract a greater number of customers within the framework of an audience willing to spend money on what the company offers in the market.

Despite all the aforementioned, there are still people who feel reluctant when it comes to determining the viability of advertising campaigns, since they consider that the public may end up getting tired of commercials, although this is true up to a certain point, it is also true. It is the fact that, thanks to some successful marketing acts, some companies have even been saved from bankruptcy. That is why today we show you two reasons why a business requires good publicity.


Increase the trust of potential clients

The growth of a company goes hand in hand with the trust that clients and the general public place in it, much like the famous saying that the basis of all human relationships is trust, the closeness between companies and consumers is largely based on this characteristic.

However, the problem begins when it comes to building trust in customers, to such an extent that many entrepreneurs spoil a business when they carry out excessive and poorly executed advertising to attract customers. Marketing is not a game of seeing who over-exploits the most!

What best demonstrates the importance of a well-made publicity is the example of the Mexico retirement communities, as they send out flyers, brochures, billboards and other means to promote themselves in a fairly adequate balance between perseverance to avoid falling into oblivion and non-repetition to keep the audience’s attention. The result? A demand for your services with a tendency to increase.


Promote new offers

Just as an advertising campaign can lead the public to have more confidence in the company that requests it, it also works so that new products enter the collective imagination of regular consumers of the goods or services that the company offers in the market .

This is because, when new offers are created, it is done almost in secret, so that few or no customers can know about the news until the official announcement. This is an effective tactic since it encourages the enthusiasm of the people and, When the long-awaited day arrives, the explosion in sales is inevitable.

Advertising plays an important role in this, since announcements of the release date of new products can be remembered through commercials broadcast on television, radio and internet, a dentist in Tijuana who has recently specialized in new procedures can promote them. through these means, achieving this interesting effect on customers. A sample of what true advertising can achieve!