Brings your events to life with Eventbrite


If you haven’t managed an event at Eventbrite before, you’ve probably signed up for an event using it. With hundreds of thousands of users, it’s the largest self-service ticketing platform with proven service.

From large scale conferences to high school reunions – from fundraisers to workshops, Eventbrite is a one-stop shop for event organization. Not only that, you can use it to find new events around you, from parties to food expos.


Mila, meet Eventbrite

At Mila, we’re big fans of Eventbrite and its commitment to helping you set up an event in “minutes, not days”.

When you’re not bamboozled with details like how to create and sell tickets, process registrations, and when to send reminders to guests – you can spend more time focussing on how to make your event excellent. The venue with the zipline or the pirate-themed ballroom? (Just kidding – you go for both, obviously.)

Eventbrite concerns itself with event administration so you don’t have to. Because, let’s face it, no-one likes administration. So let the company who’ve been at it for over a decade help you out.

We hate administration too. Mila wants to help reduce the amount of time you spend on organizing your address book. We hate the fact you copy and paste to spreadsheets shared among your team, so we made a product that slides between your inbox and your Eventbrite account.

Connect your Eventbrite to Mila and you can get a head start on organizing your contacts to relevant guest lists.

Sending Arya to fencing on Eventbrite is pretty easy

And because Mila works best with multiple integrations, lessen your workload with super quick sorting. If you’ve connected tools like MailChimp, send your contact to both lists – in only two key presses.


Start growing your audience

To start syncing your contacts – connect your Eventbrite account on the Apps & Lists page. Once you’ve authorized Mila, select the Eventbrite lists you’d like to send your contacts to.

Now, Eventbrite will appear as an option in the filing tool and the individual contact pages. You can now begin sending your contacts to Eventbrite.

Top tip: Use the keyboard shortcuts for faster sorting!

Happy organizing!

(And for goodness’ sake, always pick the disco ball.)

Mila is totally free to use for your first 300 contacts. There’s no obligation to purchase and we don’t require payment information upfront. So, let Mila help you save some time during the day so you can get back to doing business. What are you waiting for?