Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have them. Here are the answers.

Getting to know Mila

Mila is a clever bot that automatically keeps track of everyone you meet and sorts these contacts into lists to make it easy to keep in touch with your network.

Mila is build for busy entrepreneurs and freelancers that meet a lot of people, but don’t have the time to keep their email lists up to date. In stead of wasting time copy-pasting contact info, Mila helps to get their network organized, so they can focus on growing their business.

Is your network important for growing your business? But is your ‘contact management’ nothing more than an unorganized your inbox or a badly maintained spreadsheet? Mila automatically tracks your network and connects your contacts with your company’s sales and marketing efforts.

For your personal network, LinkedIn is one great list with everyone’s online resumé up to date. Mila however builds your company’s network, sorts them into lists and connects them to your sales and marketing efforts.

Mila is a super light weight contact management tool that solves the 2 big problems of using CRM’s.

  1. With Mila, you do not have to update your contacts. Mila automatically keeps track of everyone you meet and helps you sort it that’s relevant for your business. This way, you don’t have to worry about it.
  2. Mila works great with common marketing and sales tools, in stead of forcing you to use their software package. This way, you can keep using the best tools that suit your business need without creating any lock-in.

The benefit of CRM systems over Mila is where multiple sales reps try to follow up on many clients. With a CRM-sales tool, there is more control, reporting options and customization to pull prospects to the sales pipeline.

Working with Mila

Mila automatically scans your inbox for every incoming and outgoing email to keep track of the new contacts you made. In order to track your contacts, you’ll need to authorize Mila access to your account.

Rest assured, your actual emails will never be used or read and your password and server information are not “visible” to us. We will never share any sensitive data with anybody. Further, we permanently erase all of your data should you ever choose to delete your account.

For further information, you can read our privacy and security policy

When you build your email lists, you need to keep 1 important thing in mind: If you are sending regular commercial campaigns to people, these people need to have given their permission to you for sending them your commercial newsletter.

If you are just keeping interested people updated, or invite your clients for workshops or other, less transactional purposes, it’s ok to email the contacts from your inbox, as they have also emailed you before.

You can always use the opt-in procedure of MailChimp by checking the box use opt-in procedure in the settings screen when you connect your MailChimp account. Mailchimp also has an excellent article about best practices.

By default, Mila selects the top 25 contacts from your inbox. But if you’d like to look further back in time, activate ‘flashback’-mode from your Settings > Account page to go further back in time.

At this moment in time, you can only add email accounts that have similar domains. We are working very hard on this feature though. Please bear with us.

You can invite contacts by sending them an email and including the link to your social profile. Tip: Make it count! Give your contacts a reason to follow you on Instagram or connect on LinkedIn – you’ve got their attention now.

Sadly, LinkedIn closed down their API – however, there are two ways you can add all your contacts to LinkedIn:
  1. Mila always show you the linkedIn profile of the emailadress, so you can do it yourself whilst swiping contacts, by clicking on the LinkedIn logo
  2. You can send your contacts a quick email with your details, inviting them to connect with you on LinkedIn

When a contact is presented, please note the dash between the first and last name of a contact, indicating how Mila perceived the first and last name of this person. Despite her training, Mila can make a mistake now and than. Just click on the name to write corrections, she learns from it and will make less mistakes in the future.

Go to settings > Lists and Apps

We are working really hard to grow the list of connected tools. Please let us know which tool you’d like to see connected here.

Team work

There’s nothing more powerful than teamwork! Whoever starts a team can start inviting colleagues to join your team by clicking here and using the “add new user” button. Once you’ve created your team, the tools and lists of the team become available to you and you can view all contacts in them.

Go to my contacts. Here you’ll find all the contacts you and your team members added to Mila. (stage 2) You can only see the contacts.

Working fast sometimes means making a mistake. Don’t worry too much about it, you can always go back and correct. Also, at the end of every pile of contacts you organized, check your session overview to check and correct any mistakes. One thing to keep in mind is

  • you can’t undo emails, these are sent immediately without delays.
  • you can’t remove contacts from tools you did not add (for example, if you colleague added a contact to your Pipedrive, you can’t change of delete that contacts through Mila, that would be like trespassing on Pipedrive’s yard.)


Yes of course! Building a relationship takes some time. You can get to know Mila for free. After a while, you can decide if you’d like to hire Mila for a small monthly fee.

During our public Beta, Mila uncovers the first 300 contacts from your inbox for free. If you decide to continue after that, you can hire Mila for a reduced monthly fee.

The paid plan is designed to help you scale your network once you reach more than 300 subscribers. As we are in public Beta, prices have been reduced to a maximum of €25,- a month.

  • Over 300 contacts managed = € 4,99 – in stead of €15,00
  • Over 1000 contacts managed = € 7,50 in stead of €20,00
  • Over 2.000 contacts managed = € 10,- in stead of €25,00
  • Over 3.000 contacts managed = € 15,- in stead of €30,00
  • Over 4.000 contacts managed = € 20,- in stead of €40,00
  • Over 5.000 contacts managed or more = € 25,- in stead of €50,00

No! You can try Mila for free.

Mila likes it short and simple. You can add as many team members as you like, no additional charge. The first person entering their credit card details is paying for your team. This person receives the receipt and account information in their email. Mila notifies you well in advance when you reach a new pricing tier.

Billing occurs on the same day each month, on the date that you start the subscription. Mila automatically handles monthly billing and adjusts your billing tier as your number of contacts grows. On your account’s recurring billing date, we’ll use the number of contacts processed to calculate the monthly charge.

Yup, your subscriptions can be cancelled per month at any time you please from the settings menu.

We are very flexible here. If you encounter any problems with Mila or if you just don’t like her attitude anymore, we will reimburse your last fee. Only thing we ask in return is one sentence feedback of feedback why you are ending your subscription.

Privacy and security

Google currently only has an all-or-nothing API, therefore we can’t ask only for email addresses. We don’t do anything with the email body text. In fact, we don’t even save it on our computers. If, in the future we can use the email body text to make your Mila service more accurate, we will ask you explicitly if you want to make use of it. You’re always in control. Please read our full privacy and security policy here

No. We want to treat you like we want to be treated (we hate ‘being the business’ ourselves). We understand you and we understand that we only earn your trust through what we do. You’re always in control. Please read our full privacy and security policy here.

The contacts Mila finds are yours and will always be yours. If you cancel the service, Mila’s will cease functioning, but you can always export your contacts to use them anywhere you like.

Yes, the contact Mila finds are yours and will always be yours. If you decide to stop working with Mila, there is no lock-in. Your contacts are exportable in a spreadsheet / csv-format.