Manage your communications with your customers, your investors, and your team

Highrise CRM

If you’re on the lookout for a CRM tool, Highrise is a big player for small businesses.

Backed by years of experience, Highrise is a one-stop shop for managing relationships with valuable contacts. It helps you keep track of emails with customers, conversations with investors, and minutes with your colleagues. Its focus is on making it easier for teams to collaborate.

Forgot what Rebecca said in last week’s investor meeting? Need to double-check your task for a deal? Want a quick reminder on when to send that follow-up to your client? Highrise has you covered.

Send your latest new contact to Highrise

Like Mila, Highrise wants to help you keep on top of your business pipeline. It eases the communication process by making it easier for your team to share useful information so you don’t have to mess around in the cavities of search.

Highrise lets you import your inbox contacts to their database already, but what about for all the new people you email with? This is where Mila comes in handy.

Connect your Highrise account to Mila and you can immediately let her know who needs to be synced. And because Mila works best with multiple integrations, lessen your workload with quick sorting. For example, if you’ve also connected marketing tools like MailChimp or Eventbrite, send Boris to all three lists – in three key presses.

The filing tool for Mila

We know. It’s pretty neat.

Start syncing to Highrise

To start importing your inbox contacts to Highrise, connect the Highrise integration through the Apps & Lists page. Once you’ve authorized Mila to use your account, you’ll see Highrise appear as an option in the filing tool and on an individual contact page. It’s as easy as sending them to Highrise and voila – Mila will ship them, express delivery.

Top tip: Use the keyboard shortcuts for faster sorting!

If you’re a team administrator, connect your company’s Highrise account so your team on Mila can start adding their contacts.

Mila is totally free to use for your first 300 contacts. There’s no obligation to purchase and we don’t require payment information upfront. So, let Mila help you save some time during the day so you can get back to doing business. What are you waiting for?