How do you keep track of the people important to your business? 

Are they managed in a sprawling spreadsheet? Do you tediously keep up with them on social networks? Are you using a pricey CRM tool that’s just a little too much? Or are you not tracking them at all?

Your network is powerful and useful – let’s treat it that way.

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Mila, a contact management bot for small businesses and freelancers. It keeps track of who you’ve been in touch with by automatically scanning your inbox to give you an organized overview of your network.

Mila sits between your inbox and the marketing and sales tools you use to grow your business. Instead of wasting time copying and pasting contact information from one platform to another, Mila will do it for you in one key press.


Uncover the hidden value of your inbox

Crafted around our philosophy of effective networking, we believe in maintaining meaningful relationships with the people who are important to our business.

The way to do that isn’t to keep them buried underneath mountains of emails in your ever-growing inbox. It’s to get them out of there – immediately – and organized so you can work on the communication instead of the administration.

We have a big thing against copying and pasting.

So we created our own solution. We went to the drawing board and thought about something that could support our networking and help us grow our business through better outreach.

With that in mind, Mila has been designed to do three things:

  1. Sort contacts by relevance;
  2. Share contacts among other people in the company;
  3. Export contacts into marketing and sales tools.

By using Mila, you’ll soon uncover the biggest social network you never realized you had: your inbox.

Mila is totally free to use for your first 300 contacts. There’s no obligation to purchase and we don’t require payment information upfront. So, let Mila help you save some time during the day so you can get back to doing business. What are you waiting for?