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When it comes to managing mass communications, MailChimp is one of the most powerful and easiest solutions out there. Millions of businesses are using it to grow their businesses by sending email in a smart, attractive way – including Mila.

From freelancers to medium-sized businesses, MailChimp makes it easy to:

  • Create targeted email campaigns with in-depth analytics;
  • See who clicked on your email and followed its call-to-action;
  • Split your subscribers into segments (or groups) so you can better see how you can optimize your email campaigns for the best results.

Newsletters are a great way to generate and nurture leads. The simplest execution will keep you visible in front of your target audience; put in a little more effort and your newsletter becomes a platform for you to share your thoughts and ideas. Your readers will react to this — they’ll like it and they’ll remember you.

Mila, meet MailChimp

Don’t start from zero. You already have subscribers for your MailChimp lists in your inbox.

The person who reached out to you asking about your new product should be subscribed to your newsletter list. If you’ve just got a new investor on board, they’ll appreciate business updates. The person you met at that conference told you they were interested in your company — have them in the know. These people want to hear from you – make it easy for them.

Mila helps connect your inbox to your marketing efforts in an easy way. Instead of rummaging through your inbox and trying to remember who needs to put in which list, Mila will make it clear.

At the end of the week, settle up your newsletter lists by easily and quickly organizing your new contacts through Mila. No more copying and pasting and manually inputting information – Mila will do it all automatically.

Sorting Juan to my Company Updates newsletter

Turn your contacts into subscribers

Connect the MailChimp integration through the Apps & Lists page. Once you have authorized Mila to use your MailChimp account, select the MailChimp lists you would like Mila to work with.

Now, your selected MailChimp lists will appear in the filing tool, the dashboard, and on the individual contact’s page. You can now begin sending your contacts to your MailChimp lists.

Top tip #1: Use the keyboard shortcuts for faster sorting!

If you’re a team administrator, connect your company’s MailChimp so all your team can start adding their contacts to a shared list.

Top tip #2: How to personalize the opt-in process

When you build your email lists, you need to keep one important thing in mind: if you’re sending regular commercial campaigns to people you don’t know very well, they need to have given you their permission.

If you’re keeping friends and interested people updated, or inviting your clients for workshops or other, less transactional purposes, it’s okay to email the contacts from your inbox, as they have also emailed you before.

To use the opt-in procedure of MailChimp, all you need to do is check the box use opt-in procedure in the settings screen when you connect your MailChimp account.

A great way to personalize your opt-in process is to change the text of the opt-in email to something more friendly. Like: “Hi there, I really appreciate you as an important part of my network and I’d like to update you on our developments. Confirm your interest by clicking below. Best, <your name>.”


Happy emailing!

Mila is totally free to use for your first 300 contacts. There’s no obligation to purchase and we don’t require payment information upfront. So, let Mila help you save some time during the day so you can get back to doing business. What are you waiting for?