How I went from local clients to shooting global advertising campaigns

When Pim Hendriksen decided to move from wedding gigs to advertising, he took a huge gamble. Not only did he need the time to improve his skill set, he also needed to get on the radar of people not yet in his network.

How I doubled my client list and my income in one year

One year after opening his practice, physiotherapist Michael had reached all the clients he could serve in his town. Or so he thought. With a little help from Mila, Michael almost doubled his income over the course of one year.

How we crowdfunded €300,000 and got featured as a top Kickstarter campaign

Mila helped entrepreneurs Wienke and Johan turn The Things Network into reality. Here’s the story of how they created a global community and used it to create a successful Kickstarter campaign.

How we got 4,000 people to attend our first festival

Mila saved Paul and his team hours of copying and pasting email addresses so they could get back to business: promoting their tech festival.