Increase your sales productivity and close deals


Pipedrive is a leading sales management tool that’s easy and intuitive to use. Trust me, even the most technophobic member on your sales team is going to find their way around it with little complaint.

It’s concentrated on tasks to keep your sales team focussed on closing deals and making your business more money. It streamlines the process so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

It’s fully customisable so you can control every part of the process and make it relevant to your business.

Mila, meet Pipedrive

We like Pipedrive because of its mission of keeping things straightforward and simple. Like Mila, Pipedrive wants to give you more time by taking away tedious administrative work so you can get back to making sales and closing deals more effectively.

Save even more time by using Mila to send your contacts into Pipedrive. Mila cuts out the need for copying and pasting contact information from your inbox to Pipedrive. In one key press, Mila will send the prospect’s email address and company information directly to Pipedrive so you can immediately start working on that sale.

Start syncing, start closing

To start syncing your contacts with Pipedrive, you need your Pipedrive API key. It’s a secret token that gives access to your Pipedrive rolodex – so keep it safe! Login to your Pipedrive account, navigate to Settings > Personal > API and copy the API token.

In Mila, open up the Apps & Lists page, connect Pipedrive and paste the API token.

Once you hit save, Pipedrive will appear as an option in the filing tool and individual contact pages. Now the magic happens – you can start sending contacts to them!

Top tip: Use the keyboard shortcuts for faster storing!

If you’re the administrator of your team on Mila, connect your company’s API token so your team can begin adding their contacts easily.

Happy sales!