When Boris, Raoul and I set out building Mila, people always asked me these two questions:

  1. Do we really need another contact management app?
  2. Why did you name your company after a Hollywood actress?

I’ll get back to that actress-part in a bit…

We started this company when I realized that over the last couple of years, I’ve amassed a tremendous network of a lot of people — awesome people.

But I also experienced that the way we currently maintain our network is very out-dated. Basically, eighty percent of my contacts go to waste in my inbox.

If only you could easily add everyone to your newsletter, right? Or at least keep a list of all long term prospects you’ve spoken to?

The last few years, I tried to manually keep track of everyone I emailed with in a spreadsheet: sort people into categories, check the phone information… copy and paste them to my newsletter…

It made me feel like destroying my laptop.


I found out that big companies use expensive software such as SalesForce or Oracle, or have a personal assistant at their disposal to manage their network.

But entrepreneurs have to do everything by themselves, because they don’t have this luxury – yet.

Whenever I walk into a small business, or talk to freelancers, contact management is either an uninspiring LinkedIn list or a poorly maintained spreadsheet. Even if they manage to keep up a well-maintained contact list, it lives completely unconnected from their marketing and sales efforts.

Of course, you have your priorities. And manually maintaining your network is not one of them. It’s your priority to create growth for your businesses.

Luckily, it’s 2016. Let’s stop wasting time on tedious, repetitive tasks.

We made it our mission to help small business grow faster, by turning their inbox contacts into contracts.

So you can get back to business.

Simple as that.

With Mila auto-scanning your inbox, you get all the contacts you need to grow automatically delivered to you.


We have designed Mila to help you uncover all the hidden value of your network. She will be the personal assistant someone. She is affordable, and she is always helping you track and organize your network.

Colin Ellis
Co-founder of Mila

P.S. Oh yeah, about the name: Mila is just an anagram for mail – she’s hidden in the word mail, like there are so many other contacts hidden inside your email.