Mila helped entrepreneurs Wienke and Johan turn The Things Network into reality. Here’s the story of how they created a global community and used it to create a successful Kickstarter campaign.

New contacts: 4,000 in 6 months
Lists: developers, sponsors, promoters, customers, media, investors
Tools: MailChimp, Eventbrite

Building a global community

When Wienke and Johan announced their idea of building a global and open network, the response was overwhelming. Everybody wanted to help. Developers wanted to build the software and journalists wanted to cover their plan. Wienke and Johan were asked to speak at several events. The two had people contacting them from every corner of the high-tech world.

Wienke: “The size of the project was huge. I did not have the time at all to track and sort through all the new people I was meeting. Mila was a great solution. It kept us informed about our new contacts each week. This basic info helped us create a forum of developers and community managers, and regularly update them on our progress.”

Turning enthusiasm into an actual product

With so many people on board and feeling enthusiastic about their idea, a big issue soon came to light. After all, it was energy for a product that didn’t even exist yet. To turn all this enthusiasm into an actual working product, Johan and Wienke needed serious credibility. This is how they got it.

Wienke: “We believed that a Kickstarter campaign would prove the seriousness of our project. With the use of our network, we would be getting a serious head start.

“The Kickstarter project at the Crowdsourcing Week in Brussels was the perfect stage. We sent an email to our 4,000+ fanbase telling them that our campaign would go live at 2PM. But we told the rest of the world an hour later. The plan was that between 2PM and 3PM, a significant amount of backers would support us, so when we announced, the general public would see our page was already popular.”

Their plan worked. When they publicly announced, €30,000 had already been pledged. The momentum caught the attention of Kickstarter who decided to feature the campaign on the homepage. Wienke and Johan reached the full €300,000 in just eight weeks.

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