When Pim Hendriksen decided to move from wedding gigs to advertising, he took a huge gamble. Not only did he need the time to improve his skill set, he also needed to get on the radar of people not yet in his network.

Luckily, he was able to find the new clients he was looking for – or did they find him? Here’s how he pulled it off.

Contacts: 3,000+
Lists: agencies, partners, recruitment, clients, prospects
Tools: MailChimp

Getting on the radar of the right people

Pim had to get the attention of big brands and their respective commercial agencies – and fast.

To achieve this, he asked his network: “Since I had already been doing some commercial work on the side, I could show a steady yet small portfolio. I decided to create a newsletter showing my work. I started with adding over six hundred contacts.”

With Mila managing his contacts in the background, Pim had the time to focus on the quality of his work. Soon after, big assignments found their way to him through his inbox.

“One of the best tricks is how I reached out to all my former clients,” Pim said. “I asked them to refer me to their networks in advertising. I sorted them into lists with Mila and asked them to direct my work to their marketing departments.

“After I made the new contacts, I thanked them for taking a look and added them to my newsletter. I sent updates of my growing portfolio. Slowly, but steadily, brands became intrigued and pointed their agencies to my work.”

Soon, Pim’s first big assignment appeared on the screen. Now Pim shoots commercial campaigns for many global brands.

Mila is totally free to use for your first 300 contacts. There’s no obligation to purchase and we don’t require payment information upfront. So, let Mila help you save some time during the day so you can get back to doing business. What are you waiting for?