I get these questions a lot:

  • What’s so special about Mila?
  • Do we need another contact manager? What’s wrong with LinkedIn?

While we commend LinkedIn for helping us understand the difference between Facebook and business, it’s time to move on. Mila has completely been designed from the ground up to follow our philosophy of networking.

This philosophy comes from 20 years of experience building and nurturing my network. I am building my 5th company, organize a tech conference with over 10.000 attendees. I meet a lot of (new) people every day. I inform our new stakeholders on projects, source deals, nurture leads, discover new hirees, the occasional presentation.

Gotta keep that business coming!

But even though I really value my network. My contact list is still a complete mess. It’s unstructured, unsorted, I can’t share contacts with my team and it lives completely unconnected from my company’s marketing and sales efforts.

I tried categorizing my contacts once, but jeeez, the works! I tried those aggressive contact aggregator like Humin or Brewster, but they made an even bigger mess of things, creating all those duplicate contacts on my phone. We even implemented a CRM once. Oh boy – that sucked!

We went back to the drawing board started to think about the essence of contact management. We decided on three jobs that needed to be done:

  • It should be easy to sort people into lists that are relevant to you, not based on where they work or their job titles;
  • You should be able to share contacts with your team and invite your team to contribute their network to the team account;
  • It should be easy to connect contacts to your marketing and sales processes.

That’s why Mila is about one thing: automation, automation, automation. Contact management is basically a series of tedious, low-level tasks that beg for automation:

  • De-duplication & unification of multiple profiles;
  • Extraction of useful data from e-mail addresses and e-mail signatures;
  • Automatic grouping of contacts according to a variety of criteria.

The big one, of course, is the last: creating meaningful, useful and automatically updated groups out of your heap of digital contact cards. We hope to be able to present you that feature soon.

But for now, instead of ruining my Friday afternoon copy-pasting email addresses to our messy spreadsheet, I know really enjoy closing the week with Mila.

She gives me a great overview of my work week and I have time left for… Well, all other things but work.

If only I could buy her a drink!